Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beat the Heat

Summer is back with a record-breaking vengeance, and you want to keep your cool without breaking the bank -- or causing a blackout. Don't worry: air-conditioning isn't the only answer! Whether you do or don’t have A/C or are trying to save energy and money, these 15 tips help keep you from overheating.

15. Drink lots of water
14. Avoid caffeine and alcohol (they promote dehydration)
13. Keep the lights off
12. Keep the curtains shut during the day
11. Go swimming
10. Eat popsicles and other cool foods like fruit
9. Have late night BBQ
8. Wear light colour and light weight clothing
7. Use the clothesline instead of the dryer
6. Exercise before the sun rises or after it sets
5. Spend more time in your basement (hot air rises!)
4. Put a bucket of ice in front of your fan
3. Splash your face with cold water
2. Put a cool pack on your neck
1. Go on a field trip to The Running Stitch …the A/C is on!!!


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