Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pamela Allen: Artist & Creator

The Running Stitch is excited to be hosting renowned artist Pamela Allen for a two-day quilt show, workshop and trunk show on May 7th and 8th, 2010.  It promises to be an exciting two days!  

Pamela calls Kingston home, where she spends many of her days in her studio painting, decoupaging, collaging, assembling, carving and… making art from fabric.  Pamela is inspired by Lucky Shie, her hero, who gave Pamela her first introduction to fabric art. 
Pamela has participated in a number of solo exhibitions in addition to group exhibitions.  Pamela enjoys a wide variety of subjects from still life (with her own quirky twists) through to a wide variety of historical styles, including medieval (while staying historically true).

Pamela’s work tends to the free form.  She enjoys creating art within the confines of her own boundaries – that is to say conventional methods may be ignored to create a more open-ended (and open-minded) piece of art. 

Pamela enjoys teaching.  She encourages and assists her students to create an original piece born from their own vision and personal expression.  She enjoys fundamentally challenging her students to express and create beyond their normal boundaries.   Creativity and spontaneity are hallmarks of Pamela’s work. 

Her work is celebrated in various publications and she has an instructional DVD called Think Like An Artist which debuted at the 2008 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.  
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