Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moving and Shaking

There certainly has been a lot going on lately, both in and out of the store. Never a dull moment! Not so long ago, we were sitting at our dining room table, and we were talking about the fact that we love our house in Gatineau, but we thought… wouldn’t it be nice to be closer to work, meaning the store? Instead of spending a couple of hours a day commuting, that time could be better spent doing something productive or better yet, just having fun (more time to quilt!)!

Next step: the all important house hunting adventure. Because of Barb, I’m happy to say, it was pretty short! While driving in Kanata, she saw what she considered to be the perfect house for us. She rushed into the store to tell me “Michèle, I found your house!” Sure enough! Barb was right on, and it was just the house we were looking for! So in less than two days, the deal was done and the house was ours. Hello!!! We had our Gatineau house to sell and lots of other arrangements to make. The whole moving process takes some doing. What were we thinking?

Our home in Gatineau is on the bigger side. It has been a busy place, hopping with activities and it was also the place for family and friends to come by, visit and sleepover. For a few years, our house was transformed into a Bed & Breakfast. It certainly is a big change to be moving away after 19 years there, but we are making a good deal: closer to the store and less to maintain is an excellent plan.

It certainly has been quite the journey cleaning up stuff to get ready to move. As I’m sure you can imagine, lots of stuff in nooks and crannies that we have not even touched in a while. Friends and charities are the lucky recipients (no garage sale for me!).

Moving Day is coming up quickly, and we are looking forward to settling into our new home and enjoy all that Kanata has to offer. That makes two big moves this year: the store and my house. When this move is all said and done, I think we’ll stay put for a while!
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