Sunday, October 16, 2011

Binding Tutorial

Here is a great way to do binding...

I almost always make continuous cross-grain beinding.  There are lots of great informative tutorials available online which are clear to follow.

I do have a few other things to mention that work well for me.

To determine the length of continuous binding needed, measure the quilt top and side, multiple by 2 and add at least 25 inches.  This is on the generous side side, but it will ensure that you don't run out!

I cut my binding strips 2.5" wide.  I also use cotton batting which does not have a very high loft.  Extra width would be required if you are using a high loft batting.

I join the binding strips with a diagonal seam just like this:

By piecing the strips together on the diagonal, you avoid having too much bulk in the one spot along your binding and makes the join less noticeable.  Once I have the required length of binding, I fold it in the half along the length, pressing as I go.

I then sew the binding to the top of the quilt by aligning the raw edge of binding with the raw edge of the quilt top, right sides together.  I like to leave an approximate 7" tail of quilt biding at the beginning, and then sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.  I miter my corners.  I use a stitch length of 3.0mm for this and use a walking foot.  

I join the ends together with a diagonal seam:

I like to leave quite a large gap between the start and the end of the stitch, say appropromiately a 12" tail.  

Overlap the two tail ends smoothly along the quilt edge.  Trim back the binding tails so that they overlap by the width of the original binding strip plus 1/4" (in most cases that works out to be a total of 2.75 inches).  Be sure to use a ruler and mark the binding for the correct measurement.

Unfold the binding and place the two ends right sides together, perpendicular to each other.  Allow the ends to overlap by a generous 1/8".  Secure the strips with a pin.  Mark the diagnonal line and the stitch along the line (which can be a bit difficult to do with the entire quilt attached).  

You can now test to see if the binding fits along the quilt edge.

Trim back the excess fabric, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.  Press open the seam.  Finish stitching the rest of the binding on the quilt as before.  

Works like a charm every time! 


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