Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Warm Company

Since its inception, The Warm Company has been dedicated to manufacturing innovative products that make sewing and quilting easier and more enjoyable.  Some of their well-known products are Warm & Natural, Insul-Bright as well as Steam-a-Seam and Steam-a-Seam 2, just to name a few.

I love innovative produce!  Gadgets and tools can save you from untold frustration.  Steam-a-Seam adds an extra element of flexibility when you are creating, which allows you to change your mind at any time.  Nothing is permanent until pressed with an iron.  If you change your mind about the applique fabric you are using, you can simply peel off the Steam-a-Seam and stick it to new fabric!

There are two types of Steam-a-Seam products available: the original and 2, which brings up with question: "sticky back" or "double stick".  The bond is the same, but depending on your project, you may prefer one over the other.

The original Steam-a-Steam ("sticky back") has the pressure sensitive adhesive on one side only, which allows for a temporary hold to the applique material.  It moves freely on the second material, which allows you to reposition your pieces until pressed with an iron for a permanent bond.  Once fused, the bond is the same as Steam-a-Seam 2.

Steam-a-Seam 2 ("double stick") has the pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides which allows for a temporary hold on both the applique material and the background material.  This gives you the ability to hold your project vertically and have the pieces stay in place, which still being repositionable, until fused with an iron.  Before fusing, tack your project to a wall or, if it is a garment, try it on.  You'll be able to make sure the pieces are exactly where you want them to be... or make any adjustments you want.  

There's nothing like it! 


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