Saturday, April 3, 2010


If you’ve ever been in the store and asked my opinion about thread, you’ve probably been treated to a rave review of Aurifil thread.  It is fantastic, absolutely second to none in my opinion.  I thought that I would do a little digging to see if I could validate my opinion.  Low and behold… there are very real reasons why Aurifil is great.

Established in 1983 by an Italian based company, Aurifil was born with the goal of quality thread always looking to become more refined and advanced.  The base reason for Aurifil’s success is the origin of the raw materials.  Egyptian cotton called Makò is used – taking into account staple length, fiber thickness and maturity.  While this might not sound terribly exciting, it’s critical for the final product.  Aurifil’s unique process continues through the Twist: the force that consolidates the fibers and flies of thread after the spinning process to create a balance of tension.  Too tightly twisted creates lively snarling thread and too lightly twisted creates fraying and breaking.  There are different weights of Aurifil thread available to suit your specific purpose – machine piecing, hand piecing, appliquéing, top stitching… Finally, in the dying process the thread undergoes a special process to be mercerized in addition to being dyed to give the thread the lustrous look associated with Aurifil. 
All of this means that Aurifil is strong, smooth and leaves little lint in your sewing machine which keeps it clean and running smoothly.  There are currently 216 colours on the market (and growing!).  All to say that I love how it sews and it gives me great pleasure to see the rack of Aurifil in the store. 
We have the polyester Aurifil specifically for embroidery as well as the variegated in addition to the cotton (36 and 50 weight) in small and big sizes.   Come check it out – you’re sure to love it.  


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